The Pickers

You need picks? These boys got 'em. This is our team of pickers- some of the top sports handicappers and future-tellers on the internet, finally joining up to help you beat your book. These guys put Nostradamus to shame. Make sure to follow them on their socials for the latest updates on their picks. 

Pickin' Fights


Keith is a UFC picker with a record of 14-6 (.700) since starting Pickin' Fights.   


Tom is a UFC picker with a record of 12-7 (.631) since starting Pickin' Fights.


Conor is a lifelong NBA and NCAA basketball fan. In college, he was on a D1 practice squad... for the women's team. He hardly picks wrong, but if he does, feel free to challenge him to a game of 1-on-1.

Pickin' Corners

Tyler is a real lax bro. Not in the stereotypical way, but this man eats, sleeps, breathes lacrosse. He's so far 22-17 (.564) since joining the Pickin' Winners team.