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UFC Vegas 34: Cannonier Vs Gastellum - Betting Picks and Predictions

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

If you want the logic behind these picks, watch the latest episode of Pickin’ Fights. Let’s stack some bread.

Bea Malecki vs Josiane Nunes

Don’t confuse Josiane Nunes with Amanda. Bea Malecki is 4-0 in the UFC after a hot start on TUF. She’s a beast in the striking realm and has a massive size advantage on Nunes here. Riding with her at -165.

Malecki (left) and Nunes (right)

Brian Kelleher vs Domingo Palarte

Brian Kelleher looks like a dude you’d see hanging out in your local Wawa at 2 am. Despite that, he’s a complete fighter Good grappling, good striking. I’m riding with him here at -175.

Parker Porter vs Chade Sherman

First off, Parker Porter is really fat, and Chase Sherman is athletic and fit. Porter loves to take guys down, but Chase Sherman has 70% takedown defense. He’s been in the octagon with some of the best in the heavyweight division. I’m calling him a lock here at -195.

Clay Guida vs Mark Madsen

Clay Guida’s best days are behind him, and Madsen isn’t called The Olympian for nothing. He’s medaled there in wrestling. Expect him to take Clay Guida into deep waters for three rounds.

Jared Cannonier vs Kelvin Gastellum

Main events are always the hardest to pick. I’m taking Gastellum over Cannonier, simply because Gastellum is tough in the octagon. He always battles it out, especially in five round fights. Cannonier could win by decision, but I see more paths to victory for Gastellum.

My Parlay

Bea Malecki -165

Brian Kelleher -175

Chase Sherman -195

This totals out to +281

Like my picks? Hate em? Or more importantly, if I helped you stack some bread, let me know on Twitter @53keppi. Bet responsibly

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