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To The Land of Vikings: PLL Week 5 Betting Picks and Predictions

Just one week before the All-Star game, the boys are headed up north to Minnesota. This will be their first game of the summer that doesn’t take place on the east coast. There are a lot of teams looking to get in a win before the midway point of the season and everyone is chomping at the bit.

Since I’m making picks for all five games, I’m going to keep it short and sweet for y’all. With that being said. let’s not waste anymore time, and get to the picks.

** The PLL games will be broadcast on the NBC group of networks including Peacock TV which involves a subscription. So I will include next to each game where it can be viewed.**

7/9 8:00 PM ET Cannons (-167)(-1.5) vs Waterdogs (+130) (+1.5) (O/U 26.5) **Peacock**

Last week both of these teams fell short in exciting games. The Waterdogs suffered a 19-16 loss to the Redwoods. The Cannons fell 14-10 to the Chaos. They are both now the two bottom teams in the league standings. The intriguing thing about the Cannons is that they may have the worst record of the league at 1-4, but still have a goal differential of -3. The Waterdogs are only a spot ahead with a 2-3 record and a goal differential of -11. The Cannons have had slight bad luck in last minute situations this year and they are much better than their record indicates. They get solid production out of a wide array of guys and that can make them dangerous. For this game I am picking the Cannons ML straight up. I think that this game may come down to the end, as many others have. The Cannons are looking for a break and this might just be the one for them.

The Pick: Cannons -167

7/10 6:00 PM ET Whipsnakes (-159) (-1.5) vs Redwoods (+125) (+1.5) (O/U 25.5) **NBCSN**

The Matt Rambo-less Whipsnakes emerged victorious last week over the Archers in a 15-14 barnburner. They showed that they are still plenty competitive without one of their star players. They had six different players with a goal in that game, and eight players with at least a point. Brad Smith had himself quite a game as he came away with four goals and an assist. Zed Williams also came back from injury in a big way with two 1-point goals and one 2-point goal. The Woods are also coming in hot off a win themselves. They too also had guys getting buckets from all sorts of positions. Sergio Perkovic led the charge with two 1-point goals, two 2-point goals, and two assists, talk about a full stat line. In this one I am going with the Whipsnakes ML. The Whips are now back to first in the standings after their win and I think they will keep that momentum going. These are both teams that like to go on runs but I think the Whipsnakes will find that extra gear when they need to.

The Pick: Whipsnakes -159

7/10 8:45 PM ET Atlas (-182) (-1.5) vs Chaos (+142) (+1.5) (O/U 24.5) **Peacock**

Saturday night caps off with probably the most unpredictable game of the weekend. Both of these teams are on a two game win streak and only one of them is going to get to extend it to three. These are most certainly squads that people were doubting heavily after week one but they are hitting their stride at the right time. Last week the Atlas beat the giant killer Chrome 16-10. They were shooting from everywhere and anywhere as they had three 2-point goals as a team. It was a big showing for Bryan Costabile and Romar Dennis as they had six points and five points respectively. The Chaos showed our against the Cannons and proved and they are not to be doubted. The trend that I am noticing is that in any game, whichever team has the larger amount of guys in the scoring column comes away win the win. Now you might look at that statement and think that’s obvious but what I mean is that whoever shares the rock seems to prosper more than having one guy try to do it all. In this one I am going with the Atlas ML. This week they are giving a little juice to the money lines of the favored team. What that means to me is that even the sports books aren’t sure how these games are going to play out. I am giving the Atlas the edge because I think they will be too much for the Chaos defense to handle, especially since they are missing starting defenseman Jack Rowlett.

The Pick: Atlas -182

7/11 4:45 PM ET Chrome (-200) (-1.5) vs Waterdogs (+155) (+1.5) (O/U 23.5) ** Peacock**

The Chrome went 1-1 in their doubleheader last weekend, getting a big win over the Whipsnakes. They have looked great as of late, beating both of the best teams in the league. There are a lot of people making note that Chrome has only won this season while wearing their new white to teal fade uniforms this year. So it might be something to keep an eye on as the season moves on. I am going with the Chrome spread -1.5 here. This game will be the second of the Waterdogs double header weekend and I do not think they’ll be able to run with Chrome given those circumstances.

The Pick: Chrome -1.5

7/11 7:30 PM ET Archers (-335) (-2.5) vs Cannons (+245) (+2.5) (O/U 25.5) **NBCSN**

The Archers are coming into this week after losing both of their games last weekend. They suffered one goal losses at the hands of the Whipsnakes and the Chrome. This team’s offense is insane to say the least. In their game against the Whipsnakes they had five players with four points or more. The Archers also got themselves the number three spot on Sportscenter as Grant Ament broke the ankles of All-World defender Michael Ehrhardt and proceded to demolish the top corner of the net. They have the best goal differential at +23 and the next closest is the Redwoods at +2. I know that they are absolutely looking to bounce back after a winless weekend and this is looking like that opportunity. For this game I am picking the Archers spread -2.5. I think that the Cannons will be out of gas for the second game of the weekend and the Archers are going to capitalize on that.

The Pick: Archers -2.5

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