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PLL Week 1 Picks and Predictions

Another college season has come and gone. There was plenty of money made and I am definitely sad that is over. But luckily, just a week after the NCAA championship we are giving out our first picks for the 2022 PLL season. I’m ready for a summer of making money and having fun, buckle up.

**Lines provided by Draftkings Sportsbook**

6/4 2:15 EST Whipsnakes (-210) -1.5 vs Chaos (+165) O/U 22.5

I think there is no better way to kick off the season then to run it back with last year‘s championship matchup. There’s no doubt in my mind that there will be some animosity between these two teams as they have been in the last two championship games together. One of the biggest things to know is that the chaos starting lineup is missing a lot of its core members due to the NLL playoffs. They have recruited some “replacements” from the player pool in the meantime who should fill in nicely such as former MLL MVP Bryce Wasserman. The Whips are very much still the Whips. They still have that solid Maryland core and are starting to branch out like drafting Wheaton Jackoboice out of Notre Dame and Jackson Reid out of Ohio State. It’s interesting to note that Reid is the only one of their four draftees that is starting this weekend. There will be a hole in the lineup as they will be without star Zed Williams. I think it will be a lower scoring affair due to the changes on the Chaos and the absence of Zed for the Whips. It is also the first game of the season and most offenses take time to get going. I am gonna take the under here and stay away from picking a side because it could definitely be close.

The Pick: Under 22.5

6/4 5:00 PM EST Atlas (-135) -1.5 vs Redwoods (+105) O/U 24.5

This is most definitely the game that I am most excited about. Ben Rubeor taking over as head coach for the Atlas has had them on an upward trajectory. This team‘s identity has changed the way more than any other team since the start of the league all thanks to him. He realized there were too many egos on the team that compromised the chemistry and so he got rid of them and brought in new young talent. That talent took them all the way to the semi finals last year. They are seen as the clear winners of this year‘s college draft, mainly because of getting Chris Gray and Koby Smith. They have all the means for a massive season so they’re definitely ones to watch. The Redwoods are also a team primed for a run. They added midfielder Nakeie Montgomery and defender Arden Cohen in the College Draft. These two fit in perfectly with the Woods. Nakeie was one of the best midfielders in college lacrosse last year and I think that he will complement the likes of Sergio Perkovic and Miles Jones very well. Cohen as a Notre Dame defender slots in perfectly with his already stellar defense full of Fighting Irish Alums. I I think these teams match up together super well are things that all the goals scored will be hard earned and I see it to be another low-scoring affair. Last year‘s matchup was 12-9 in favor of the Atlas. I think the Bull’s offense has just enough to get past the Redwoods. I am taking the Atlas ML and the Under.

The Picks: Atlas -135, Under 24.5

6/5 1:00 PM EST Waterdogs (-150) -1.5 vs Cannons (+115) O/U 24.5

Here we have a battle of the two newest teams in the league. Last year they split the season series with the most recent Match up ending with the water dogs dominating the Cannons 19-7. Last season the Waterdogs caught fire late winning four of their last five games to finish as a number one team in the regular season. Michael Sowers will be back in the lineup at attack for the pups after being missing during last season. They also have do-it-all midfielder Zach Currier as well as sharpshooter Ryan Brown at their disposal. The Cannons went through some growing pains last year in their first season in the league. They only were able to get three wins, one of which was against the Waterdogs. They picked up young star Asher Nolting in the draft and I am sure that he is going to make an impact this year. All-World attackman Lyle Thompson will once again be leading the way for this new squad. As far as this game is concerned I feel that the Waterdogs offense out matches the Cannon’s defense. The Cannons will be without defender and team captain Brodie Merrill for the start of the season. There is quite literally an award in the league named after him so not having him will be a big loss. I’ll be taking the Pups straight up here

The Pick: Waterdogs -150

6/5 3:45 PM EST Archers (-220) -2.5 vs Chrome (+170) O/U 23.5

The Archers are another team that are coming into season with a lot of hype. On paper they have the most insane offense in the league but in the past seasons they have not been able to get it done when it matters. They drafted stud Matt Moore out of the University of Virginia who will fit into their offense nicely. They caught a lot of flack last year after doing beer showers after only a week four victory but as a locker room full of professionals, they will find a way to move on. The footage out of training camp shows their offense is looking dialed showing they can score from all over the field including the defenders. LSM Jared Connors showed he had some range by pulling up for two against in their scrimmage against the Whips. The Chrome over the years have made a living off of beating teams that people think they won’t. They also did very well for themselves in the draft by taking Logan Wisnauskas first overall as well as West Point grad Brendan Nichtern. I think that the offenses are going to take the driver seat in this game. The archers have a solid defense but I think that the Chrome’s leaves a bit to be desired. This is the only game where I feel decent and taking over so let’s roll with it.

The Pick: Over 23.5

Prop Corner

Props for lacrosse are back once again they are not offering them for every player and for this weekend they only have points available. For those who don’t know, points in lacrosse are combined goals and assists. So if a player has 2 goals and 1 assist they have 3 points for that game.

Here’s what I am taking:

Bryan Costabile Over 2.5 Points

Rob Pannell Over 3.5 Points

Brad Smith Over 2.5 Points

Lyle Thompson Over 3.5 Points

Mikie Schlosser Over 1.5 Points

Tom Schreiber Overr 2.5 Points

Those are my predictions for this weekend's games. Stay tuned for another blog dropping soon with my predictions for next time. If you like my picks, or disagree with me, let me know on Twitter @t_hohenshelt. As always lets have ourselves a weekend and make some money, responsibly.

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