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Picks for the Second Weekend of NBA Playoffs

This post season has been really interesting so far. The Clippers are folding yet again. Knicks fans realized Trae Young is balding. Popcorn has been thrown. Players have been spit on.

I went 3-1 on the last blog on NBA picks, 5-5-1 overall. Now here are the picks for the second weekend of postseason basketball:


Nets vs Celtics

Nets (-8) have now played double digit games with their three stars in the lineup. They stomped the Celtics in game two with Joe Harris nailing 6 threes in the first half and ending up as their leading scorer. Blake Griffin seems much more involved on both ends of the floor and KD is showing why he’s the best defensive player on the team. Blake also led the league in charges. Boston was without Brown, and now Kemba and Tatum are banged up. Don’t overthink this.

The Pick: Nets -8

Knicks vs Hawks

The Knicks won their first playoff game since 2013 in exciting fashion. The Knicks defense was very much Jekyll and Hyde in their win. They were leaving the Hawks’ shooters wide open on defensive rotations. In the second half, the Hawks were flat out missing open shots. Bogdonovic shot 2-13 from three in the game. Trae Young was a no show late, so the bald chants must’ve gotten to him. Lemon Pepper Lou will be back in the A tonight. Atlanta wins this game although I think this will be a close one

The Pick: Hawks ML -193


Bucks vs Heat

Bring out the brooms. Miami definitely regrets not dealing Herro for Harden earlier this season. Miami looks nowhere close to the team that dominated the bubble. The Bucks’ defense has been too dominant and the offense has been firing on all cylinders. I see the Heat offense looking more like an NBA offense and not like a JV offense. Milwaukee will still step on their throats

The Pick: Bucks -5

Jazz vs Grizzlies

In game 2, Ja Morant went for 40+ and they still lost by double digits. The Jazz offense with Donovan Mitchell back is simply too loaded and their depth is too much to overcome. Without Mitchell, the series would’ve been interesting. With Mitchell, not so much.

The Pick: Jazz -5

You gonna back my picks this week? If you do, let me know on Twitter @PetesPix33. Always bet responsibly.

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