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On Strong Island: Week 4 PLL Saturday Predictions

The boys are back for yet another action packed weekend and this time they’ll be buzzing at Hofstra on Long Island. This blog is going to be short and sweet with our picks for today, I know that everyone is busy with the Fourth of July weekend. With that being said, let’s get to the picks.

** The PLL games will be broadcast on the NBC group of networks including Peacock TV which involves a subscription. So I will include next to each game where it can be viewed.**

7/3 12:00 PM ET Redwoods (-230) (-1.5) vs Waterdogs (+175) (+1.5) (O/U 22.5) **NBC**

In this matchup both teams are coming off of losses from last week. The Redwoods offense looked a tad bit stagnant against the Chaos while the Waterdogs seemed to get overwhelmed by the Archers. It is likely that this game could go either way. Both teams have the potential to really show out and an equal chance of not even showing up. I have the sneaking suspicion that it is going to be a close game. Both teams have something to prove and I feel that it will go down to the wire. That is why my pic for this game is going to be Waterdogs spread +1.5. I think this will be a nice noon matchup to get the Saturday games going.

The Pick: Waterdogs +1.5

7/3 3:00 PM ET Cannons (-186) (-1.5) vs Chaos (+145) (+1.5) (O/U 24.5) **NBCSN**

This game is a tale of two teams with very different seasons. Last week the Chaos secured their first win while the Cannons fell short against the Atlas. The Cannons are the biggest surprise of the season, being a first year team with so much success. The Chaos have struggled so far this season but it is likely that they will begin to turn it around. This is also a game that can go either way. This league always manages to show just how unpredictable it can be. I predict that this will also be a close game but at the same time picking the spread feels a bit too uncertain. This is why my pic will be Cannons straight up at -186 ML. I think that this is another good matchup to keep an eye on.

The Pick: Cannons -186

Those are my predictions for today's Saturday games. Stay tuned for another blog dropping soon with my predictions for tomorrow. If you like my picks, or disagree with me, let me know on Twitter @t_hohenshelt. As always lets have ourselves a weekend and make some money, responsibly.

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