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NBA Slam Dunk and Three Point Contests: Betting Picks and Predictions

If you’re trying to build your bankroll back up after not tailing Keith and T-Ho, you’ve come to the right place.

The Rising Stars pick from yesterday did not hit, but the strategy was there in choosing the value pick, although I chose the wrong one. I just didn't think a bunch of 19 and 20 year olds would listen to a guy who shot his free throws granny style.

Tonight, we have some great value for what looks like two entertaining contests–Three-Point and the Slam Dunk Contests. While the big names aren’t participating, we have some snipers and several high-flyers looking to take home a trophy and some bonus money. Lucky for us, both will have the same formats as in previous years.

Three-Point Contest

I evaluate contestants in the event based on the lift they get when they shoot threes. Ray Allen never did well in the Three-Point Contest since he jumped a lot in his shot, leading to fatigue as the round went on, and as he went deeper into the contest. In previous years, some dark horses have ended up winning the whole thing, so here are the plays.

CJ McCollum +850

McCollum having scored over 20 ppg in each of the past 5 seasons without an All-Star nod in the ever-so-packed Western Conference leads me to believe that he will take full advantage of his appearance in the contest. While his game is predicated around the midrange, he is a very capable three-point shooter and will have a great chance to win it. CJ to make it to the championship round (+300) also carries great value since this doesn't involve him having to win the whole thing.

Slam Dunk Contest

While Obi Toppin has the second best odds, big fellas typically do not win it outside of Dwight Howard and Blake Griffin. Knicks fans will be jumping all over this opportunity to support one of their own guys and the

Juan Toscano-Anderson +500

JTA has some highlight dunks under his belt during his short tenure in the bay and I love a guy with low public expectations and who wants to make a name for himself in the league. Low expectations will lead to the judges getting overly excited when he completes moderately-crazy dunks, receiving higher scores.

I would not be shocked if Jalen Green (+155) wins it, since he has the best bounce and the best in-game creativity out of the contestants.

The Parlay:

CJ McCollum to win the Three-Point Contest and

Juan Toscano-Anderson to win the Dunk Contest

Total odds: +5600

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