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NBA Betting Picks and Predictions 6.0 - June 7th & 8th

My betting record is at Pickin' Winners 10-8-1. Not good. Not great. Over .500 is still alright, but I wont hang my hat on my record. I aim to improve this for the future for me, and for everyone still tailing me.


We have two games tonight, and two for Wednesday. Tonight the first matchup is Game 2 of Nets and Bucks, with the Nets handily taking Game 1 in Brooklyn. Brooklyn took the first game easily, even with James Harden leaving the game after 40 seconds. Watching the game, it felt like Kyrie didn't make a single shot in the second half of the game.


Bucks vs Nets

The Bucks (-1) were the fourth best three point shooting team by percentage in the regular season, but only made 6 on 30 attempts in Game 1. Even though they were bricking threes, they've got potential to shoot much better in this second game in Brooklyn. They will most definitely shoot better in Milwaukee. Harden will surely be missed by the Nets in this game, and the Bucks’ game plan will have Giannis attacking the rim with no remorse. Blake griffin held his own against the two-time defending MVPin game 1, though he likely wont fair as well in tonight's matchup.

The Pick: Bucks -1

Suns vs Nuggets

The Suns (-5) are one of the surprise teams in the league this post season, and now their only remaining question mark is: how CP3 will fare with his injured shoulder versus the Nuggets, with only a fraction of their roster? Jamal Murray and Will Barton will both be out for the Nuggets. The main defender against Devin Booker will likely be Aaron Gordon, who was the answer in round one for any Blazers player who was actin up. Jokic will do Jokic things, on track with his MVP caliber season, but DeAndre Ayton proved well against Joel Embiid in the regular season. Embiid is sometimes a tougher matchup than Jokic. Phoenix is at home for the first two games of the series, so I see them covering the spread Game 1 will ease.

The Pick: Suns -5


76ers vs Hawks

The Hawks looked like they had Game 1 in the bag, with a 20 point lead coming into the second half. Embiid looked close to full form, despite recent injury, and proved why he was in the MVP conversation throughout the first game. The 76ers (-5) will adjust their game plan, and shouldn't have to dig themselves out of a 20 point hole again. Embiid will enforce his dominance in the paint, and the stellar defense of the 6ers will prove masterful.

The Pick: 76ers -5

Clippers vs Jazz

The Jazz got more rest after their gentleman’s sweep in round one, and have proven time and time again to be the best team in the NBA all season, with a healthy roster. The Clippers battled their way to a first round win, going 7 games with the Mavericks, and look much better than they did last year, even with several injuries to key players. Utah has an electric home crowd, and should be primed to prove themselves as a new powerhouse in the NBA, with a win over one of the top teams in the league (as far as star power goes). The all-around balanced Jazz roster, combined with their lights out three point shooting, propels them to an easy win if they can corral the Clippers’ stars.

The Pick: Jazz -4


Chirp me if I've let you down, or send me some love if I made you money. My Twitter is @PetesPix33. With my record being what it is, I wouldn't blame you if you faded my picks, however, this is the week we get back on track. So you should probably tail me (responsibly).

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