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More NBA Picks: Tuesday and Wednesday's Playoff Games

Back off a less than stellar first set of picks on the Pickin’ Winners network which I went 2-4-1, I have another batch of picks for you. I’m here to give you the info to make responsible gambling decisions, from a guy who has played and consumed the game of basketball his entire life.

The choice to back or fade me is in your hands. If you have the balls to fade me, good for you, but we will be sworn enemies.

Let’s start with Tuesday’s sleight. The LA teams both struggled and suffered losses in their first matchups of the postseason.

The Clippers had zero answers for the new face of the league in Luca Doncic. Luka was 100% right in telling Pat Bev that he’s “too fucking small.” Pat Bev needs to be benched, plain and simple. Give me some playoff Rondo. Ty Lue needs to give people something to think about other than getting dropped and stepped over by AI and make adjustments. Kawhi needs to live up to his nickname and pedestal as the best two way player in the league and guard Luka. That being said, Luka has entered that echelon of players that can’t be guarded, but only limited. The Clippers need to go to a smaller lineup with Kawhi, PG, Batum, Marcus Morris and someone else who is a similar size so the defense can switch everything and not result in too much of a mismatch. I took a future on the Mavs to win it all before the season started, but I don’t think the Clippers lose twice.

The Pick: Clippers ML -270

The Lakers had similar issues in their first game, but more so due to their stars’ not having played much before the regular season ended. LeBron got banged up during the skirmish with his banana boat buddy in CP3. LBJ is still getting his footing after missing so much time. The Suns do not have an answer for AD on the defensive end when the Lakers roll with their twins towers lineup with AD and Drummond connecting on alley-oops. This is unless AD continues playing like a guard and shooting in the mid 20s from three. The Lakers won the title last season and won two series after losing the first game. LeBron teams of the past have needed a wake up call. Really LeBron needs a wake up call. The Lakers win Game 2.

The Pick: Lakers ML -125

Bonus pick that has nothing to do with basketball for Tuesday: Carolina Hurricanes ML -193


The 76ers were -7 at the time of writing the previous blog and that pick pushed. They’re -8 for this matchup against the Wizards and I really don’t see the Wizards being able to play enough defense to keep this one close. Ben Simmons will have another game back to get into the flow of things and be able to push the pace. His defense did show on the first game of the series, not allowing Russ to get a triple double and having a bad game. Embiid will continue to do damage and the two days of rest will have him coming out of the gate killin.

The Pick: 76ers -8

80% of the public money was on the Knicks on Sunday, when they lost on a Trae Young game winner. Julius Randle had one of his worst games of the season and seemed like he couldn’t buy a bucket. Thibs needs to limit the minutes of Elfrid Peyton because Drose was killin when he was on the court and his ability to get to the rim was crucial for keeping the Knicks in it. The Knicks need a bounce back game and can’t let the fans in the Garden down again.

The Pick: Knicks -2

Disclaimer: I am not an expert, so bet responsibly.

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