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Last One, Best One: Week 8 PLL Saturday Predictions

Well, here we are. The last week of the PLL regular season. There are six teams who have already written their ticket to the playoffs and there is only room for one more. Friday night we saw another round of lacrosse after dark as the weather decided to have its way. We are currently 1-1 on the weekend and looking to finish out the regular season with a bang.

8/14 4:15 PM ET Atlas(-140)(-1.5) vs Waterdogs (+120)(+1.5) (O/U 25.5) **Peacock**

If someone would have told me at the beginning of the season that the Atlas and the Waterdogs would be playing in a game to decide the #1 seed in the playoffs I would have thought they were crazy. But here we are, we have two of the hottest teams in the league looking to put on a show and to lock up the first round bye in the playoffs. The Atlas are coming off of a 2-0 week 7 as they were the victors in their double header weekend. They are making Coach Ben Rubeor look like a mad genius as they continue to dominate after all of the off season moves they made. They made quick work of the Chrome with a 19-10 win and just snuck past the Cannons in a 13-12 barn burner. The Waterdogs provided the biggest surprise of the weekend as they laid an 11-6 beat down on the Whipsnakes. It appears that the Pups are in fact morning people as they came out firing for their 9:15 AM local time start. As for this one, I expect it to be a high scoring affair and a close one. I am going to be going with the Atlas ML in this one. I think that their offense is too much to handle now that they have found their groove. They have shown that they can be down but they are never out. I would not be surprised if the Waterdogs give them a scare but I think that the availability of weapons at the Bull’s disposal will take them to that #1 Seed.

The Pick: Atlas (-140)

8/14 7:00 PM Cannons (-155)(-1.5) vs Chrome (+135)(+1.5) (O/U 24.5) **NBCSN**

This game is easily the most important of the weekend. It is that classic win and you’re in scenario. Both teams sit at a record of 2-6 and whoever wins will get the last spot in the playoff bracket. I know I’ve mentioned this in previous blogs but I still maintain that the Cannons are one the unluckiest teams of the season. They have come so close to beating some of the top teams in the league and have come up short. The Chrome also have wins against the Whipsnaks and Archers and are still fighting for the last spot in the league. These teams are both the biggest wild cards because you never know what they might do. It is also true that neither team is in short supply of talent. The Cannons still have one of the best players in history in Lyle Thompson and when you think of him you do not think of last in anything. The Chrome are going to have to utilize all of their talent if they plan to come away with the win. Dylan Molloy had a great coming out weekend and the team needs to rally around him to get it done. For this match up I am going with the Cannons ML. Like I said before, when two wildcards come together anything and everything can happen.

The Pick: Cannons (-155)

Those are my predictions for today's Saturday games. Stay tuned for my predictions for Sunday’s match ups . If you like my picks, or disagree with me, let me know on Twitter @t_hohenshelt. As always lets have ourselves a weekend and make some money, responsibly

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