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Conference Finals: Suns/Clippers Game 2 and Bucks/Hawks Game 1 Picks and Predictions

These are not the teams anyone expected to be playing for a chance to make the NBA Finals. Now that they're here, these will be two great series.

The Bucks slid past Brooklyn by a toe length. Phoenix shows that it is superior to the Clippers each without one of its stars, CP3 and Kawhi.


Suns vs Clippers

Phoenix has a chance to get to its first NBA Finals since Charles Barkley and Company got smacked by the Bulls. Chris Paul is out again for Game 2, as is Kawhi Leonard. The Suns (-5) have Cam Payne, a solid Chris Paul standin, and Devin Booker can carry the facilitating load in his absence, hence his first career triple double in Game 1. Marcus Morris is a question mark for tonight’s game and not having his production will hurt LA unless Terrence Mann goes off for 36 again. Paul George and Reggie Jackson can’t do it alone. Book and PG are shoe-ins for big games. We’ll see who the supporting castes are.

The Picks: Suns -5 and Over 224

Player Prop Lock: Over 7.5 Assists for Devin Booker +112


Hawks vs Bucks

This is the Eastern Conference Finals matchup nobody in their right mind wanted and I’m here to tell you why it’s gonna be more interesting than you think. The Bucks (-7) skirted by Brooklyn with some questionable offense during most of the series. Defensively, the Bucks dare teams to beat them with 5-12 footers and Kevin Durant nearly did. Trae Young has shot the most of these shots out of anyone in the playoffs and he hits these floaters at the highest clip. He destroyed Embiid in this sort of coverage and Brook Lopez drops even further into the restricted arch. Kevin Heurter will not be able to dominate as easily since the Bucks have perimeter defenders and Bogdon Bodgonovics health with be a question mark of this series. In the regular season, the Hawks used Clint Capela as the primary Giannis defender, as he can’t cover Lopez on the perimeter. John Collins and Solomon Hill will be the next options for Giannis stoppers. If Bogdon can get healthy and Trae Young can exploit defenders like he did Ben Simmons, this series can go deep.

The Picks: Bucks -7 and Under 226.5

Chirp me if I've let you down, or send me some love if I made you money. My Twitter is @PetesPix33. With my record being what it is, I wouldn't blame you if you faded my picks, however, this is still the week we get back on track. So you should probably tail me (responsibly).

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