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The REAL Reason Ben Simmons Will Leave Philadelphia

Simmons has been an all star in the NBA, and is certainly one of the more unique players on the court. The controversy started when he demanded that the 76ers trade him.

Where will Simmons land? I got some PICKS at the bottom of this blog!

That being said, he absolutely cannot command this amount of respect to force his way out of Philly. Two recent examples of this behavior are Jimmy butler and Anthony Davis who won the ECF and NBA Finals respectively.

The biggest differentiating factor is that they positively effect their teams success rate in the playoffs. BEN SIMMONS CANT SHOOT. He was an utter liability for the 76ers the last two playoffs and was schemed off of the court. His defensive prowess no longer accounted for his lack of offensive ability in the half court.

League-wide demand for Ben Simmons has dwindled over the last two campaigns due to his struggles in the playoffs and his refusal to shoot in games. Simmons missed more free throws during his 2021 playoff run than several entire teams and has made fewer shooting improvements than DeAndre Jordan at this stage in their comparative careers. It’s worth mentioning Jordan mans the center position.

Simmons has just turned 25. The prime of the average NBA career begins at 26 or 27 years old. Simmons knows this and so does his agent, Rich Paul.

Paul is the most powerful agent in sports. (*cough cough* because of Lebron James.) Name another agent in the NBA. Most people can’t. The duo of James and Paul have spearheaded the player empowerment movement that has led to this precise moment. Coincidentally, AD and Simmons share the same agent: Rich Paul. Simmons, led by Paul, is forcing his way out of Philly and is refusing to attend training camp until his demand is met.

In this modern NBA, teams aren’t fawning over guards who can’t shoot. Simmons will get his way out of Philly and it will be due to the immense power of his agent.

This is a gambling site so here are the teams with the best odds of landing Simmons:

Portland Trailblazers +200

Minnesota Timberwolves +300

Sacramento Kings +500

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